Karam Bhoomi – Rajarhat :

Karam Bhoomi means land of action. Trust builds this center at Rajarhat Bishnupur area to provide support for the rural people. It has been build to fulfill multi-purpose goals. Regular programs are organized for the children, young adults and women. The following programs have been chalked out accordingly.

Chiranjiv Karam Bhoomi Care Home, Palam Vihar

Palam Vihar, Chiranjiv Karam Bhoomi Care Home (CKC Care Home) is the success of the first Karam Bhoomi situated at Kolkata. The land provided by the Chiranjeev Trust on a fifty-year lease. The center is built in on 800 yard plot and covers over 10,500 sq ft. It would serve a second home to those who are looked down by the society. It is envisaged to serve as a multipurpose Center.

A Residential Old Age Home
A day care center for elderly
A non-formal center for the drop out children
A holiday home for the underprivileged children

DCT is continuously trying to improve the facilities and to add many new services such as:

Improving the quality of lives of the senior citizens in the home.
Providing a holistic care center to the local underprivileged children. There are 60 children gaining from our free education, going ahead to regular schools free of cost. Mid-day meal, uniforms and Books are provided by us.
Conducting Health Care Program for the local residents. Providing First-aid boxes.
Running Physiotherapy Unit for the wellbeing of residents.
Running a computer literacy program free of cost for the local underprivileged children.
Running Spoken English program free of cost for the local underprivileged children.


Address : 8 Middleton Street.
Kolkata - 700071.
Phone: +91 33 40062945
E-mail: divyachaya@hotmail.com